Getting the Builders in!

Simon Pole from Pole Structural Engineers – Building Consultants and Structural Engineers in Wimbledon Village, guides you through the potentially hazardous task of ‘getting the builders in’.

This process does not start with a builder and will save you £££££££££££.

Every week our practice receives many calls from distressed home owners where the builders are already in their house and things are going terribly wrong. In almost all instances, this occurs when a builder has been the only party involved and there has been no form of professional advice via Architects, Building Surveyors and Structural Engineers and others.

In all but the most straightforward cases, it is not possible to ask a builders to ‘design/ specify’ their own work and to expect this to be completed to time and budget, normally with no contract, without the involvement of professional advisors to design and oversee the work.

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