We are often contacted by homeowners and builders saying they do not need an architect !

Our advice is that almost all projects need an architect and just a few of the reasons are provided below. We could write a book on the projects that go wrong when people think they are saving money by skimping on design fees but it rarely benefits a project and normally costs much more time and money to sort out the resulting muddle.

a)    Quality of design- both appearance and internal space planning.

b)    Specification- so that your builders are all pricing the same thing. They cannot price a Planning Permission drawing alone.

c)    Quality of materials- To balance expenditure with quality, so you end up with what you expected.

d)    Adding value. A bland phrase, but with property worth so much, a good design equals more return on your investment. A poor design not so.

e)    Building Regulations. 13 of the 14 headings below, require architectural design. Only Part A Structure is dealt with by the Structural Engineer.

f)     Supervision, build quality, contract administration, cost and programme control. All vital items, which without some sort of control, result in all sorts of client stress and anxiety.

We will be pleased to refer you to one of our many architectural colleagues who will be pleased to help you. Good advice costs sensible money but to get it wrong costs more.

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