Structural engineers

FEES FROM £ 1,000+vat

If the property ONLY has a single structural concern, such as a crack in just one wall for example, we recommend our specific defect report. Also known as a Specific Structural Inspection or SSI for short.

Structural Engineers Defect Report

Structural Engineers Defect ReportOur structural engineer’s specific defect report (Or Specific Structural Inspection SSI)  is recommended where there is only one localised structural issue, such as a single crack in a wall or a bulging wall.

FEES START AT £ 1,000+vat

Our Chartered Structural Engineer will carry out an inspection and identify whether the defect is a structural problem and offer guidance on options for repairs and remedial works and the estimated cost of any repairs.

A specific defect report is suitable if you believe the rest of the property is sound, but you have concerns about one aspect, such as:

Crack in a wall or ceiling
Sagging roof timbers or floor
A building regulations issue, often without certification paperwork.
Subsidence threat from trees or drainage problems.

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