Basements are one of our specialist areas; whether designing them for clients or whether looking after the interests of neighbours and their Party Wall Surveyors.

We design the skeletal structural work for retro fit basements beneath existing houses, working with experienced architects and construction professionals. Most of these are single level basments beneath the main house but some are beneath entire gardens and involve two levels of basement or more on occassions.

This work requires considerable care but particularly when dealing with semi detached and terraced properties to avoid creating problems to other parts of the terrace.

Local Authorities and Lodon estate offices are increasingly asking for detailed engineering designs as part of a Town Planning Application and this needs to consider the foundations, goelogy and hydrology of the area, as appropriate.

We undertake a detailed Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) in conjunction with experienced Geotechnical Engineers and usually follow the guidlines set by the London Borough Of Camden in their guidance note for Basements and lightwells CPG4. This provides the most comprehensive assessment of environmental and neighbourly considerations to reassure all parties concerned.

Much of our work concerns the appraisal of basement designs on behalf of neighbours and Party Wall Surveyors. This involved the scrutiny of other engineeres designs to make a series of general checks, to ensure the proposals are both safe, do not compromise the neighbouring building unduly and do not compromise the future rights of the neighbour.

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