Privacy and data protection policy

Rev A 01/05/2018

How we obtain your personal data

On starting a new project or quotation, we will ask you for some personal data in order to be able to contact you and deliver our services. This data is most commonly; your name and phone number, though may include other documents (such as Building Surveyor reports or planning application drawings).

You will not be asked to ‘opt in’ to receiving communications form us, as we will only contact you about your project which is of course vital in providing our service to you.

How we store your personal data

Physical copies of your personal data are stored in a secure filing system on our premises. Electronic files are stored on a secure ‘cloud’ based server system with password-protected access.

How we use your personal data

We use your personal data to contact you about your project/quotation and deliver our agreed service to you.

As much as practical, our professional output (drawings, calculations and reports) will be anonymised so that it doesn’t contain your personal data. Therefore, your project address will not constitute personal data.

As a private client, you will not be sent general mail-outs. However, we do send a periodic newsletter to business contacts.

How we share your personal data

We will never share your personal data for reward or barter.

If a report or letter contains your personal data, it will not be provided to third parties unless you provide your written consent OR we believe that doing so is integral in our service to you. For example, we may use your name and other personal data if we are responding in writing to your insurers on your behalf.

In some cases, we will share your personal data with 3rd parties when we believe it is in the interests of and directly related to your project OR where we believe your consent has been implied. For example;

  • We may ask for 3rd party quotations on your behalf (such as geotechnical investigations), which would naturally be addressed to yourself.
  • We may introduce you to 3rd parties (such as Architects or Contractors).
  • We may provide your cellular number if a 3rd party has a need to contact you urgently (such as water leak, or activated alarm system).
  • We may refer you to other specialists who would be better placed to assist (such as a waterproofing specialist, if you have damp issues)

If you have any concerns of queries pertaining to the use of your personal data, please call our office to discuss. We are happy to tailor our policy on request.

How we delete your personal data

Quotations for jobs that do not proceed are usually held on our system for 3 years.

Files and data for projects that do proceed are usually held for +10 years.

Physical documents containing your personal data are disposed of confidentially. Electronic documents are deleted.

Your rights pertaining to your personal data

You have the right to know what personal data of yours is stored on our system.

You have the right for that data to be deleted. However, in some cases we will retain some documents and correspondence for insurance liability purposes.

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